This place rocks! I just ordered form them today, after reading the great reviews, and I am glad I did. $100 an ounce for big fat nugs of purple passion what a deal! The lady on the phone was really cool. "I love the quality and attention that I receive when I call them on the phone. Recommend this website to all my friends! I become a member for life!

Cecelia Kato

I have always been pro marijuana even before I started smoking. I live with chronic pain and terrible insomnia and 3 years ago a friend told me to try smoking marijuana and so I did, not only did it help me sleep better but it helped me get off most of my pain medications. Thank you indicana for delivering on time always.

Patricia James

Thank you indicana for the great products. At one point I was taking up to 20 pain pills a day and now after getting my medical card I may take 2-3 a day if that. I truly think if our government would just legalize it so people can grow, have it and smoke it without the worry.

Steven Rashford

Best value for quality smoke. I’ve been ordering form indicana for the past 6 months. Made them my caregiver almost immediately. Amazing prices, friendly service, and EXCELLENT bud. The girls are knowledgeable about what strains suit your medical needs. All in all, best place in Bay area.

Anastasia Stone

Nice website to order from. The service is awesome and well exceeded my expectations. The prices are killer. The quality (I tried the Larry OG) is superior. Well trimmed, cured, flushed, grown with love etc. it rolled in a joint very well, and burned very even. The smoke was smooth and has that nice flavor I look for. Excellent service. I will order again.

Patrick Jameson

I’m LOVING the products at indicana. So overall I just love this dispensary and the website! If anyone out there is looking for a great dispensary with HIGH quality bud at low affordable prices, then indicana is it! I just received my first order from them. All the strains looked crystallized and well manicured. The prices compared to the quality of medicine were unbeatable. I will definitely ordering again.

Tiffany ngo

I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS DISPENSARY TO EVERYONE!!  Indicana is one of my top favorite dispensaries to shop at! They always provide an awesome variety of bud, which I LOVE! They also have great benefits for Members and I can’t wait to switch over since I order so often but even the non-member prices are great too! They have really nice and knowledgeable bud tenders who make each experience great and I learn something new from them!

Tyson brown

Indicana website is very calming and professional. I am a RN who lived on pain meds for 20 years. I was able to get off of all medications for chronic pain thanks to the indicana program. I also can eat again after having multiple abdominal surgeries including gastric bypass and ulcers. I placed my order over the phone, they were very knowledgeable, patient, excellent listeners, and most importantly excellent explainers.

Sara Mitchel

I am very impressed with the level of professionalism at indicana.My experience with them has been wonderful. I grew up in the service industry, and I know that service is just as important as product. They all have gone above and beyond their call of duty. From remembering my name to delivering my order on time. Excellent service, they truly try to work with you to get you what works for you.

Steve ansgay

The product that I have received from indicana was just perfect. I was apprehensive on my first order, but Laurie and rest of the staff have been so friendly, welcoming and helpful, that I look forward to order regularly. They are very knowledgeable and are ready and willing to answer questions and provide any necessary assistance. Overall has been a very positive and uplifting experience.

Genevieve Cohen

First time using indicana platform, I am very impressed with the delivery service and with the setup and the speed of how it came. Most definitely will be using them more often. And I'm looking forward in the future for more purchases that I can make. Thank you guys for making this platform, it's very useful and helps out a lot. especially for the fact that it's legal. Great idea guys, keep up the great work.

Martin Powell

I love indicana and I love the products they carry, it is off the hook we love going to order from their website and we love the staff. I want to thank you for all you do for your patience. We appreciate everything. look forward to many more years together.Great experience and workers are very helpful and ready to help you with your needs,concerns and questions.

Janine Pina

Indicana is amazing! I Love being able to have my Meds delivered at no extra fee. I also love checking out new products and accessories in different dispensaries, Indicana has them mapped out for me I just turn on phone location & I have a list of dispensaries close to where ever I am. Love this website. I order almost every week and I am happy with the service.

Liam Salazar

My friends, I have Finally found the place I will call home for my meds.. I purchase product in the past for $50 $60 + for 1g of wax shatter and other type of meds. but nothing compare to the product and the high Quality they have here and the herbs wow.. the one I purchase is very good Top shell Meds at Very low price I have purchase Top shell from everyone else here and nothing compares High Prices and Very poor Quality Rip off .. here great price fresh and top shell quality at very low prices.. I got my first purchase two days ago I purchased 4g wax & 1oz of herbs for a great price.. This was the best purchase I done in months, Thanks, Indicana is the place.

Amanda Rose